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A Video Intro To Dominus Conseil

About The Founder

Grace Fagan is a Graduate in Social Work with 37 years’ experience in direct practice and transforming services with her leadership. 

Grace is a theologian having completed an MA in

Theology, with a focus on safeguarding within faith communities. Grace is a guest lecturer on safeguarding with faith communities and travels across Europe developing safeguarding standards.

Grace promotes a holistic approach to engagement with children and young people who are experiencing challenges. 

She has led on projects that require implementation structuring systems, reflective and thoughtful moderation within bespoke audit programs , service redesigns and the upskilling of staff to deliver the required services.

Grace has underpinned all her bespoke safeguarding training programmes with the strapline ‘doing nothing is not an option’. 

All workshops have been created to ensure each participant is provoked into exploring situations more widely.

In addition, Grace works as an independent consultant advising organisations and chairing safeguarding meetings across the country. 

As a Safeguarding trainer, she has contributed to professionals understanding of ‘best practice’ safeguarding clients and managing allegations against professionals and volunteers, within organizations and faith communities.

A Strong Belief In Equality

Making A Change

Grace has provided voluntary consultations and training to various faith groups throughout her career, Promoting the importance of safeguarding, exercising safety in leadership and practice as a worker within congregations. 

Most importantly the duty of care to vulnerable children and adults, all with insight and understanding of the scriptures, doctrinal and legal frameworks.

Whether it is a reassuring conversation, financial help, education, professional training, or simply the assurance that they are not alone, we will make sure that everyone gets support that meets them where they’re at as quickly as possible.

A Strong Belief And Vision For A Better World

Grace has led on the development and implementation of quality assurance frameworks, ensuring the organisation is made aware of practice quality and service performance to secure improvement.

Grace has focussed on promoting and delivering an understanding of the partnership between families and partner agencies through sound strategies that encompass efforts to understand the primary focus of keeping the child central to all decisions made.

Her career spans the Health and Social Care fields in local government, charitable organisations, and the private and independent sectors. 

She is a strong influencer and leader, using her skills to empower staff and service users. A particular strength is working in organisations during times of change with her skillset enhancing the strategic delivery programme. 

In addition, she has a strong understanding of the auditing function, purpose and


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